What's wrong with my account? Loss of data and phone service

Long VoLong Vo Posts: 13FreedomPop Newbie
I'm starting a new discussion as it seems no one is answering the other one. So I have a couple of issue:

One, I have lost service on my phone for about a week now. I had zero service all through the weekend of work, making communication hard. I started a discussion asking for help and have not received any replies except that the issue was sent to the development team a week ago. I tried to make phone calls and it says to call a number and talk to technical support to which no one answers. Super frustrating. I try to log in to the FP app to check on data and it pops up No Usage message. I log in online and where it used to show the green bars for Voice, text and data is now gone. All of this happening on [email protected] account.

Second, on my hotspot account on [email protected] I was glad to find out that I still had service on my hotspot so I could at least connect and communicate through iMessage. But, I had 7 to 8 months of data I had rolled over for the roll over service I paid for that is completely gone.

I've been with you guys for a year or two now and haven't had this much problems since I started using the service.
Please Help!!! I'm in need of the phone service and my data. Let me tell ya, I was glad I didn't cancel my AT&T phone service yet and now I know I can't yet.
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