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Can not connect to the network using phone even with full bars

billymacbillymac Posts: 2FreedomPop Newbie
Hello, I have the Samsung Victory. I have problems placing calls often. I will have full bars on the meter, but my calls will not go through. The message is "Can't connect to network". I can usually send text and or connect to the internet when this happens. The other issue is Google Maps. I can have full bars, but when I hit "My Places" nothing happens for awhile, then a message about downloading off line maps comes up. It is like it is not online, but I have 3 bars. I have sent a help request in but it has been a week and no response from the Zenn Desk. Can anyone help?


  • @billymac Hey there We have found that a number of users who received their Samsung Victory after 1/15/2015 are unable to dial complete phone numbers as the messaging app is only allowing 2-3 digits to be entered into the dialer. Bare in mind, this does not apply to every Samsung Victory, rather just those matching a specific SKU. Your SKU happens to match that of the defective devices, we would be happy to exchange the device if you would like!
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  • billymacbillymac Posts: 2FreedomPop Newbie
    I have had my phone since 9/17/2014. How do I find the SKU? I am having a bad time with Freedompop. I cannot use the phone, it does not work, just error messages. I call the number from another phone and the call just has a recording user not available. I have a Skype number and that works sometimes. I cannot access my voicemails because it wants me to upgrade to Visual Voicemail for another $2.49. It will not let me into my mailbox. I have trouble tickets in, but no one from support is getting back to me, it has been over 10 days. I am having a bad time with Freedompop.
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