Is there a way to backup or restore txts??

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I'm new to FreedomPop and could use some guidance from employees or happy users. I'm the Tech/IT guy and I recently got an S3 for someone who broke a phone on a diff carrier and wanted a change. I'd like to be an advocate for FreedomPop and what they do but there is definitely an adjustment and I'm still on the fence.

FreedomPop uses a Custom ROM on the S3 which replaces the Android Messaging app. Using the Samsung SmartSwitch App will transfer lots of data and pictures to your new phone (I do suggest it) but your old texts don't go over (or they do and they're hidden).

There is also a popular free app called SMS Backup and Restore which I've used often to keep copies of txt messages. Here too the Restore does not load anything in to the FreedomPop messaging app. The backup file can be moved to your FreedomPop phone and viewed within SMS Backup and Restore but that's only as good as being able to see your history.

Is there any way to (a) Backup/Restore the texts you have on FreedomPop messaging and (b) is there a way users can Restore messages from their old (S3) phones from other carrier in to the current FP Messaging app??

I think this is actually a pretty elemental thing for existing cell phone users switching over so I'd like to see FP dedicate some sort of FAQ or HOW-TO to this subject. If one exists and I missed it please let me/us know.



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    I'm in the same boat. On my non-FP phone, I use SMS Backup regularly. I also use GoSMS because I can't stand bubble-style texting. I really want to leave my old phone and use FP exclusively, but this is the one issue holding me back.
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    Hi Jennifer,

    I also asked this question and it was discussed with freedompop in the folloiwng thread:
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    add me to the list of folks that are very close to dumping my phone and going freedom pop full time (and paying for more data) except for the fact that I have to have a means to save text messages. I get pretty attached to some of the threads. ;) so.... Freedom Pop gods, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE show us a way to save and restore texts.
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    Thanks for sharing, iPubsoft Android File Manager could also help, we can also use it to manage android phone on computer easily, more info:
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    You are right, there are lots of Samsung Messages Manager tool can help us backup & Restore text messages from all kinds of Samsung mobile phones on computer via USB connecting cord.
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    You are not able to recover deleted messages without a professional software.Samsung Data Recovery is a good choice for you. This software can support not only Samsung phone but also other Android phones like Motorola, HTC, Sony, Nexus phones and so on.
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