Charged me double of wifi hotspot service fee

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As you can see from the first picture, it charged me twice of hotspot fee last month and i believe it will charges me the same double this month, can any admin look into this and fix this issue for me? and for sure have the refund for me as well, thanks.

on the other hand, i haven't able to use hotspot service since the beginning the March, i created dicussion on forums reporting this issue, the admin Jay_Freedompop said he will escalate this issue for me, however, it is been about two week and still heard nothing from him. Or can any admin help me solving this issue? please do help, thanks


  • Hi @Evanis as your provided above you were charged $3.99 once a month as your billing cycle renewed. There is a $3.99 charge on 3/14/2015 and another $3.99 charge on 4/14/2015 for your Pro 500MB plan for the account with your Freedom Stick 250U. Both valid charges.

    As for the $23.98 charge, your Hotspot services for $3.99 is included in this charge along with your unlimited plan for the account of your S3. Also a valid charge.

    Therefore you were not charged twice for the same services, each charge is valid and charged correctly to their accounts. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you!
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    Hey at least your hotspot service is working......... I"m jealous :)
  • Samsung S3 XIAOSamsung S3 XIAO Posts: 11FreedomPop Newbie
    @Darla_A , I don't even have the 250U stick with me, how is it possibly have a plan on it? it has not shipped to me since i bought the S3 phone in Jan 2015, it advertised as a free gift when buying the S3 phone, however, i never received this gift, I PM-ed JorgeM about two months ago and he said it is out of stock, then i just wait whenever it is shipped. or you can check it for me, freedompop never shipped it out for me.

    Also, my wifi hotspot service has been not working since last month, and I was expecting either you can fix it for me, otherwise, i am paying for nothing in this case, thanks
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