Purchased a faulty unit need help somehow...

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I purchased a faulty unit due to my work schedule I am unable to contact freedompop or at least get a response out of them. Am I alone in thinking that most people work from the hours of 6am to 5pm roughly? It amazes me that their are all of these places that do service or provide service but it always seems to be during the hours that most people are working. If a company or person(s) really wanted to provide a service for the working class out there they would take this into consideration weather it is a cellphone, internet, cable, store selling products, mechanic, or any type of repair man doing "service based work" would offer this service from say 1pm to about 9pm this would cover the needs of the majority or even on weekends how places for enjoyment other than a tavern close early.

To make a long story short though here is the issue:

I got offered this SIII cellphone through an email and I thought heck why not I was just in truck accident that caused my SII's power button to cause the unit to randomly reboot or sometimes not even function it got so bad that I removed the power button and installed gravity screen which worked great for me but for 99bux I figured why not that is about going rate for these phones and on the other hand I can get one new for 30bux more on occasion I tossed the thought around in my head and decided on purchasing this phone so I did it I took the dive.

Guess what this new Galaxy SIII had the same issues and I can tell it is indeed again the power button causing the issue it started off as usual the button is so touchy you can turn it on by grazing it and not even pushing it in. Then after restarting it the phone got stuck in a boot loop and would not turn on after numerous attempts. As of now getting it to turn on and stay on is a chore at best. Overall I am satisfied with the phones operation it does seem slightly more snappy than the SII but the cosmetic condition of the phone was questionable as well it looked like it had been dropped on every side of the phone at one point.

I am writing in the forum in hopes that maybe a moderator or something works at freedom pop and can relay the message. I have fixed these issues on numerous occasions before but I do know that at times one can fail performing this type of repair as well which is why I would prefer not to make this type of repair on the phone I maintain service on unless I am without option.

I offered to send them a new switch even I have a few on hand in the event that they plan on servicing it in house.

Please get back to me on this issue when possible I have sent an email and I am down to 20 days of service and paying for a device that does not even function correctly.

Looking for resolve thanks in advance for any help or direction!


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    An admin will be able to assist you in getting an RMA completed :)
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    To contact forum admins: lolabee, Darla_A, Jay_Freedompop
    Just put an @-sign in front of their name in a forum thread message
    and then add your message. They will be notified that they
    were mentioned in the thread.

    Alternatively, to send the admin a private message, click here:
    Enter their user name for the recipient, complete the body text and send.
    When sending a private message to an admin, include your
    account email address(s) and device model.

    Other information which may be needed in the private message only:
    Device Serial Number on label under the battery:
    Settings->More->About Phone->Status
    ICCID:----for S3, S4,iPhone, iPad, & TABS only.
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    are you an admin? I take it that you likely are not but thanks still waiting on a response a bit insane if you ask me been a week of trying to contact these people with no luck at all!
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    @Jay_FreedomPop where you at
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