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Holy ear pain! Why is the phone ring tone and cutoff tone SO loud?

Stefani WilliamsStefani Williams Posts: 81FreedomPop Newbie
After two weeks of call and text issues, I reinstalled both the messaging app and voicemail app. I can now (at least for now, since my problems have been random in some instances), make calls through 3g/4g and wifi. However, when I place a phone call, the phone ring (beeping tone) is so freaking loud compared to the voice of the callee. If I turn down the volume to save my ears, the callee's voice is so faint I barely hear it.

Also, I was trying to leave a voicemail for another FP user but it cut me off with a beep so loud my ear still hurts 10 minutes later.

Is there any way to fix this? I need my hearing! After two weeks of finicky calling/texting, not being able to place a 911 call, missing texts, etc., I would really not like to add to my discomfort with eardrum busting volume levels. Anyone?

Samsung Galaxy SII/messaging app ver
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