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Reinstalled voicemail app -messages cut off / Calls going directly to voicemail / Issues galore

Stefani WilliamsStefani Williams Posts: 81FreedomPop Newbie
Goodness. Issues have been all over the board, but here are the current updated ones:
After uninstalling/reinstalling both the messaging app and voicemail app, it seems the incoming/outgoing calls on both wifi and 3g/4g, and texting issues have been resolved (at least for the moment). My boyfriend went through the same steps with his FP phone. So now, two issues:

1. It is still a toss up whether I receive a call or not. The phone will just ring on the caller's end, and may or may not go to voicemail. I will just get a voicemail notification if someone leaves a message but no phone ring. The upside is at least for now, I can then receive a text from someone telling me they are trying to call. Then if I call them, we will connect...for now.

2. If I call my boyfriend's FP phone, he is having the same issue. Sometimes the phone won't ring on his end, yet it will ring for a long time on my end, then go to voicemail. When either of us try to leave a message for the other, we now get cut off after about 16 seconds, apparent by the eardrum bursting loud cutoff beep (which I referenced in this post (https://forums.freedompop.com/discussion/8961/holy-ear-pain-why-is-the-phone-ring-tone-and-cutoff-tone-so-loud#latest).

As an aside, prior to any of these issues, people have been remarking that the phone rings for a very long time before voicemail picks up. This seems to be an issue with the voicemail app itself. Any way to change that so it goes to voicemail in, say, 5 rings instead of 10?

I have been documenting all of the connectivity problems since April 5th, with very little to no assistance, and apparently many people are having issues. It would be helpful if support on the forums could make a sticky post. I'm pretty sure none of us can afford to have spotty connectivity, and an announcement or a "we're working on it" or something would be very helpful. Not responding to two weeks of posts is frustrating at best.

Other posts below:



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  • Stefani WilliamsStefani Williams Posts: 81FreedomPop Newbie
    @Jay_FreedomPop @LolaBee @JasmineS

    Why am I getting zero response regarding these issues?
  • Jorge Jorge Posts: 3,376 admin
    Hello @Stefani Williams I apologize for the lack of support you have experienced thus far, I have gone ahead and escalated your issue for further support. Please check your email associated with your forum profile as an agent will be in contact with you shortly. :)
  • Stefani WilliamsStefani Williams Posts: 81FreedomPop Newbie
    @Jorge M.
    Thank you for the response. I haven't run into any calling/texting issues today (that I'm aware of). I still need to test out the voicemail to see if it continues to cut off messages, so I don't want to be overly confident just yet. Thanks for the assistance... I know you guys are very busy!
  • walnettowalnetto Posts: 4FreedomPop Newbie
    FP must have updated the app. I was wondering why I haven't received a call in a half a month. There is a new ringtone, not the bell any more. I have found that I can only receive an incoming call providing I have the phone active and the app running. As soon as the screen goes black or locks, NOTHING!!
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