Battery related issues

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Hi there, a month in and I am seeing quite a few battery/power related issues with my S3 refurb I got from FP. Battery life started out sub-optimal but manageable: ~8 hours with limited use, screen brightness set to minimum, all power-saving options on, etc.. That has sense deteriorated: battery life measured in minutes, not hours. Additionally, charging seems to be a fickle beast. I have tried multiple chargers with none able to give me a good solid "for sure" connection, even though they work fine on other devices. When I am able to get the balancing act right- I can get it up to 100% power level but it is a toss of the dice whether that will drain down to single digits within 3 minutes. I tried a factory reset, but that didn't resolve squat. I am guessing I have to try to do a RMA, unless someone else has another idea?


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    A new battery often fixes this behavior. As a forum admin or customer service for a replacement.

    To contact forum admins: lolabee, Darla_A, Jay_Freedompop
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    Also order one on ebay. Never hurts to have a spare.
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    Hello @k0d1akattack we will be taking a look at your issue. I have gone ahead and escalated your issue for further support. Please check your email associated with your forum profile as an agent will be in contact with you shortly. :)
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    I am having serious battery issues also, on the same phone, & I bought 2 brand new extended batteries for same with zero improvement. We do not even get any standby battery life. With ZERO use & power off, it still drains. I have had several cell phones, & I have never seen anything like it.
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