After extended 0-days remaining, account changed again.

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About three days ago, there was a problem with the phone number and plans disappearing from my account which one of the admins corrected in no time at all...less that 10-minutes! Totally painless.

After that, I kept an eye on the account while adding friends as the account just sat there showing 0-days remaining for the last 2 to 3-days until early this morning when things were changed again. The good news is everything is in order except the Talk/Text plan.

I was wondering if one of the admins can check/change the current Premium 500 $7.99 Talk/Text plan back to the Unlimited $4.99 Talk/Text plan that was there for 2 to 3-days only to disappear a few hours ago.

There's no hurry, but any help would be appreciated as I don't want to trigger any crazy billing headaches over $3.

On a side note: at some point do you think things will be stable enough so that I could go in and change things myself, e.g. go with a higher voice or data plan one month and a lower one the next?


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    Hello @skyline we will be glad to take a look at your request. I have gone ahead and escalated your issue for further support. Please check your email associated with your forum profile as an agent will be in contact with you shortly.
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    Hi Jorge, thanks for responding!

    What concerns me is you have a reputation as a very competent, efficient admin and to be forced to escalate the issue seems like we might be trying to put a square peg in a round FreedomPop hole.

    In other words, is the Unlimited $4.99 talk/text plan linked or paired with the $15 Unlimited data plan?

    If so, to eliminate needless customer confusion and related admin busy work, let's consider programming the website not to accept or present vague, nonexistent ghost plans that lead to heartache and disappointment when they don't work out.

    Keep in mind after seeing the hour long interview of the CEO, I am a big fan of FreedomPop and am helping two people signup this weekend and need to advise them what the options are that do not require an intervention from tech support to make them happen.

    At any rate, if in fact the Unlimited $4.99 Talk/Text plan requires subscribing to the $15 Unlimited data plan, let's rethink the whole thing and downgrade the Premium 500 Talk/Text to the free 200-minute plan AND change the $3.99 Rollover service to the $9.99 Phone Premier service, that way I can support FreedomPop while having some features I can actually use. Think VPN. Think

    Having said all that, I understand FreedomPop is a small company that is trying to do big things; so, it is important to plan for success--not failure--and would ask you consider rationalizing things to handle 5-10-15 million customers instead of 500,000. Think eBay. Think the eBay of telecom. More than just another dial tone.

    Also, let's consider separating customer support from the chaos and confusion of a freewheeling forum to a more modern and efficient Helpdesk platform, keeping Tips & Tricks, Do's & Dont's in the forum and relegating the billing, technical, and other housekeeping matters to the helpdesk where important things can really get done.

    You have to realize some people think Facebook is the Internet and just isn't going to cut it when it comes to the big challenge in telecom today--customer retention--not the churn and burn of the past where Verizon had too many cooks in the kitchen and AT&T had nobody home.

    In closing, if it would help, maybe my account could look like this:

    200 minutes talk / 500 texts free
    500 MB free data
    $9.99 Phone Premier service

    In the meantime, I will keep my phone in airplane mode.

    Thank you.

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    @skyline Hello Patrick, thank you for your kind words. It does appear an agent was able to fulfill your initial request in having the unlimited talk and texts for $4.99. Please let me know if you will like to keep the changes made on your account. As for upgrading and downgrading, you are able to do so at anytime within your means.
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    Hi @Jorge,

    Someone named Damilola from support e-mailed that the plan had been changed to Unlimited Talk/Text, but the change is not reflected in my account Online or in my phone with both still showing the Premium 500 plan.

    Also, there was a second e-mail asking me to rate support, but I cannot sign-in or sign-up. Requesting to reset the password does not work, nothing is ever sent.

    I think the problem is Zendesk sees my [email protected] address is in the system thinking I am already signed up, but won't allow me to login with my current password or send me a link to reset it. Suspect the outgoing SMTP server is plugged...or broken.

    These are more than cupholder issues, Zendesk is a solid platform, but the settings need to be tested, double checked, and tested again.

    Given all these moving parts, we might want to consider a simpler alternative to Zendesk, something better suited to small teams.

    In the meantime, let's see if we can get this $4.99 Unlimited Talk/Text plan showing up and working in my account as kind of a test to see what goes on around here as that Zendesk had me in a loop. I cannot believe I will need a separate e-mail for each device and separate e-mails for the forum and another for Zendesk. Separate e-mails for the device, I understand, but having to use a different e-mail that is not already in the system to register with Zendesk is a step backwards.

    For example: if a I register with Zendesk with an e-mail that is not already in the system and finally get in how is "Damilola from support" going to know what I am talking about and the correct ticket number? Worse, what happens if things get really busy with millions of customers? So, let's dump Zendesk in favor of something more appropriate, or fix, configure it so that it is working as designed. It won't be that hard.

    Thanks. . .

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    Update: @Jorge

    While we're waiting to see how the Zendesk support agents handle the Talk/Text issue, could you upgrade the Rollover service to the first class FreedomPop Phone Premier service?

    I would do it myself, but do not want to break something, or risk confounding the potential Talk/Text fix in progress that "Damilola in support" is working on.

    Also, as I suspected, I was able to register with the Zen Helpdesk using an e-mail address outside of the FreedomPop system.

    Unfortunately, it's a mess. Not counting the URL, nowhere does it say support, help, or helpdesk; worse, in the banner there are what appears to be two FreedomPop logos right next to each other, clicking one takes you to the main FreedomPop page, while clicking the other loops you back to the bare Zendesk home page.

    Can you imagine the customer's frame of mind stranded on the freeway after having their service suspended over a "glitch" or navigating imaginary ghost plans all day and having to deal with the omnipotent "Zendesk" designed to frustrate their efforts even further when it all blows up? I see dead people.

    If we can just fix a few of these cup holder issues, I think we can get out of beta.

    Again, thank you.

    [email protected] / Galaxy S3 (rooted)
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    Good news. @Jorge

    The test was a success.

    Damilola from support was able to take care of it and clarified the change would take effect on the next billing cycle in May which proves while the helpdesk system may be buggy and clumsy, the people behind it can get things fixed.

    Once again, thanks for your help.
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    @skyline its nice to see some feeback posted about the new help system.

    After the 'escalation' posting, so few people are posting follow-up comments that there is a lot less to learn about by reading the forums.
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    @Rich Sias

    Yes, I think the Helpdesk ticket system is the way to go to rationalize serious support issues.

    The problem is in the execution as outlined above. Those are very easy, simple fixes that would eliminate a lot of customer frustration and confusion.

    Additionally, while Zendesk is one of the largest Customer Service platforms, I really do not think it was the best choice for FreedomPop.

    There are numerous alternatives better suited for small teams that would be less unwieldy and more streamlined, a better telecom ticket system for a less old school, more personal customer experience without having to answer questions and complaints about the the support software!! Think T-Mobile's previous J.D. Powers success in the customer service care area, which as "America's UnCarrier" seems to be trying to copy FreedomPop.

    Not only does the FreedomPop Zendesk landing page need some minor tweaking that would make all the difference, but take a look at the e-mails--another mess. Tiny fonts, sloppy formatting, links to nowhere, nonsensical auto replies, it just goes on and on.

    Now, I am not being overly critical; these are basic usability issues that could be corrected before lunch, but they won't be-- which begs the question-- Why not? Who's in charge here anyway?

    If Zendesk is going to be the new face of FreedomPop these are not trivial issues--we're talking bad Internet manners here--out-of-sync with rest of FreedomPop's efforts, especially the admins who remain professional and cool under fire focused on getting the job done.

    Frankly, I'm all for an efficient, well-run helpdesk machine, rather than a large dysfunctional, albeit fun-loving, forum family, but I'll hang in there regardless which way you guys decide to go.

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