Vampire Data Use Even on Wifi

walt bethkewalt bethke Posts: 1FreedomPop Newbie
Between about Apr 7 and Apr 9, even when in a Wifi zone, my phone started using 1 MB of data every 30 mins, even while just sitting there, and even in the dead of night while I was asleep (such as 3 am). This has never happened before, and it triggered a warning that I was at over half my data (despite the fact that I wasn't using it). I checked the usage and it said it was mainly Freedompop messenger doing it. Can I get this data added back since I wasn't actively using it and it was on Wifi at the time?
In a related matter, I didn't think FP was supposed to charge voice minutes if you use the phone in WiFi, yet I was charged for over a half hour of talk minutes even though I was using my hotel's Wifi. This seems like an error, also.
Finally, is there a problem with the messenger app, because it performed miserably for me over the weekend (not working at all, then only sending texts but not receiving them; it got so bad I uninstalled/reinstalled it, which didn't work, and I even tried a Factory Reboot (losing all my contacts but hoping Messenger would work) and that did nothing--still couldn't receive texts.
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