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iPad mini 64gb failure sim and can't activated sim after complete BYOD Activated (SOLVED)

Tan NguyenTan Nguyen Posts: 23FreedomPop Newbie
edited May 2015 in BYOD #1
Hello! I have an issue : sim failure activated cellular after activated my iPad mini successfully.
I have a question: where can I buy a sim for my iPad mini correctly to use with my ipad!
After all, please someone help me! Until now, I can't be able to use it 2 weeks already!!!
Thank you forum and admin assist me!!!!
STEP1: Buy correct sim with part SIMGLW406R( suggest link http://www.amazon.com/Sprint-Nano-Card-iPhone-SIMGLW406R/dp/B00IVUWO8M) or ebay...(Have to be SIMGLW406R).
STEP2: TALK to Admin on forum and facebook FREEDOMPOP( Both working together at the same time).
STEP3: Give them information : MEID, ICCID (SIMGLW406), Your email account!
STEP4: reset network setting many time: Im Lucky with 2 times:Setting->General->Reset->Reset Network Settings.
STEP5: Go in Setting-> Celluar Data-> turn on cellular Data-> turn off Enable LTE(depend on your local has LTE or not) After that, go in setting->general->reset->Subscriber Services for update PRL profile.
STEP6: Access internet and check it. Say Thank you forum and admin on Facebook Freedompop. That's it.

I really happy and trust the team work on Freedompop. They're really nice and helpfull.

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