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Sorry you BYOD phone does not qualify?

Truong MaiTruong Mai FreedomPop Newbie Posts: 3
I bought this phone LG G2 Sprint from Ebay. Checked Swappa and Ting, it's clean on both and ready to activate. I also called Sprint, they said this phone is a postpaid phone with no balance on it and they asked if I want to activate it. After that I checked it on Freedompop's website and got that message. Please help, what else can I do next?


  • Ali Ali FreedomPop Master, Test Role, iOS Master Posts: 6,732 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Try using the MEID and not the IMEI!
  • Truong MaiTruong Mai FreedomPop Newbie Posts: 3
    Thank you for replying, I tried all the numbers and they came up like these.

    IMEI = ERROR: Invalid serial number
    MEID DEC = Sorry your BYOD phone does not qualify
    MEID HEX = Sorry your BYOD phone does not qualify
    ESN = Sorry your BYOD phone does not qualify
  • Iolaire McFaddenIolaire McFadden FreedomPop Newbie Posts: 119
    @Truong Mai Please complain to the FCC about Sprint's blocking valid phones from being activated via third parties on their network.

    The complaint will be forwarded to Sprint and they will email you and ask to talk. I've not yet spoken to the person that responded to my complaint.

    Sprint has horrendous policies and technology, they have to get their business in order and from what I can tell complaints to the FCC is about our only option.

    Also you might try calling Freedompop to see if they can do anything to help.
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