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I have seen a lot of conflicting information on what services actually are. Much of this information is from a couple of years ago so I'm sure it is out of date. I'm interested in either the Pro 500Mb or Basic 500Mb mobile using the Freedom Spot MiFi 500 LTE. When I plug my zip and Address in it tells me there is no 4G in my area. So does than knock me out of the Basic 500, is it really 3G only? What 4G service are these using WiMax or LTE? Can someone tell me why 4G service is not available in the 28146 zip code or if it can or will be? It shows 4G on the coverage all in my area on the map. Thanks All.


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    Hello @ctgoodman sorry to hear about your confusion. I will be glad to have an agent clear things up and offer further support :) Please check your email associated with your forum profile as an agent will be in contact with you. :+1:
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    While you wait for interactions....

    Check the map that FP uses.
    UNcheck the WiMAX & 3G settings and ONLY display the LTE setting
    Put in your address and see if you're near an edge (not good) or solidly in middle of large blob. Better.
    WiMAX is not in your area. Only in HighPoint and Charlotte major areas. WiMAX is supposed to be shutdown Nov 6 this year. LTE is where you want to be for 4G.
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    I've been trying to figure this out too. I have the Basic 200 voice and Pro 500MB (4G/3G) data plan, and my phone will only work when it's on wifi or somewhere there is 4G coverage. I do not live in a 4G area. Is it working correctly or not? My phone is a Samsung Victory 4G LTE. I thought it would work on 3G if 4G was not available, but I could be mistaken. Thanks!
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