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I received my Galaxy S3 about a month ago and it has been kind of project.

First, the permissions had to be corrected to allow third-party application to write to the external SD card, a known problem with KitKat version 4.4.2.

Second, it seems the S3 is corrupting SD cards. After rebooting, it returns, "SD card is damaged. Try reformatting it." Reformatting in recovery still triggers the error, not every time, but at least once or twice a week. One card, a 32MB Samsung was totally destroyed. I doubt it is a hardware problem and suspect it is related to the permission problems in the beginning.

I have two Galaxy S3's. One, with the FreedomPop ROM and the other a stock Cricket ROM. Transferring the damaged SD card from the FreedomPop phone to the Cricket phone, and then reformatting it in recovery eliminated the problem as well as the possibility of a defective SD card.

I have been thinking about doing a factory reset/wipe and reinstalling the FreedomPop ROM to see if that fixes the damaged SD card problem. I would prefer installing a custom ROM, but need to make sure it is not a hardware issue first.

Before performing a fresh install, it needs to be finalized what to do with the upgrade that Samsung is pushing to the phone that needs to be installed via Kies, not in-phone.

Is it okay to install it? Will it conflict or compromise the FreedomPop ROM? I read it replaces the FreedomPop branding with Sprint branding. Anything else?

Finally, is the latest FreedomPop ROM available for download? Do you think it might solve the problem?

Anything else I might have overlooked? Am I wasting my time? Should I do something different?

I really like the phone and the FreedomPop service--but like wearing pants falling down with no belt--I hate to run it without a SD card.

In closing, worst case, and I have to return/exchange the phone what am I looking at in terms of time and money? Will I be out of service for an extended period?

The reason I ask is: I can spend some time on this--just not all my time.

I know this is a lot questions, but I am trying to avoid going to the Zendesk wood shed.

Thank you.



  • Aaron (Last Day 21st)Aaron (Last Day 21st) Posts: 88FreedomPop Newbie, FP Flyer, SD Flyers ✭✭
    Mine's been doing the same.

    To restore the card, I stick the SD card into my laptop, bring up the command prompt and run:
    chkdsk /F [enter the drive for your SD card reader]

    I read on forum that said if you encrypt your SD card on the phone, that it prevents it from corrupting. I tried it and it seemed to hold, but I hated it forcing me to use a password for security to unlock the phone.

    The other thing I've tried that works, is to unmount the SD card before any shutdowns/reboots. I read somewhere that the issue is with an improper unmounting of the card by the system when it reboots. This is what I've been doing for a few weeks now when I need to reboot and so far, no more "SD card is damaged" errors.

    I have no technical proof to back any of this up, just what I've read and experienced. Hope it helps.
    - Aaron
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