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Incoming calls fail on HTC EVO 4G LTE

I have two EVO 4G LTE’s that do not receive calls or texts once the phone has been put in sleep mode for an extended period of time. It happens in both wifi and 4G/3G modes. I believe it was working prior to the switch to the Linphone messaging version. With the 0327 version, Inbound calls failed completely. The new 0418 version solves the inbound call issue as long as the phone has not gone into sleep mode for an extended period of time.

I have gone into the wifi advanced settings and verified that the “Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep” is set to always. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the Messaging app several times and performed the PRL and Profile updates. Nothing seems to have any effect.

The phone rings consistently when I’m testing and the phone is not in sleep mode or recently put in sleep mode with the power button or from inactivity. It seem to work for up to 20 to 30 minutes. If I leave it in sleep mode for an hour or so, the phone will not respond to an incoming call. When I try to call it from my home phone, nothing happens. I can call the phone and let it ring 10 times without it picking up but as soon as I press the power button and the wifi or 3/4/g icons appear, the phone starts ringing as it should.

I have also noticed that it does not receive inbound text messages under the same conditions. They get received when the phone gets awakened. I think text messages were being received before the 0418 update so my contacts could reach me through text message and I could then call them since only inbound calls were failing. At least I think they were coming in with a notification but I’ve done so many tests since then, the whole thing has become foggy.

Is anyone else with an HTC EVO having the same issue?

Android: 4.1.1
HTC Sense: 4+
Software version: 3.17.651.9 710RD


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    I have similar problem. My HTC EVO Design phone doesn't ring when I have incoming calls. Need help also.
    Software version: 19.01.483.0331

    I did update profile, prl, syn data, keeping the phone always on (no sleep), still doesn't work. I will look down my phone and see a voice mail. Is this the way FreedomPop to force people to buy voicemail?
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