***Important info if you purchased your phone from Stack Social!***

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After purchasing a device from STACK SOCIAL, you will receive an email with the following instructions:

*You will need to finish the ordering process by taking your Redemption Code to the FreedomPop website (freedompop.com/offer/stacksocialnexus5). Please enter in your Redemption Code and email address. On the following page, enter in your information and click “Activate Now”. You must redeem your voucher code in order to receive the phone.

**You will not receive the device until it the voucher is redeemed, please double check your shipping address.**

The following FAQS are for users who have purchased the Nexus 5 from Stack Social:

Is this phone unlocked?
The Nexus 5 will arrive to you activated with FreedomPop service. It is an unlocked phone and can be activated with other CDMA or GSM carriers, though you would need to get a new SIM card from the carrier of your choice.

If you wish to take your Nexus 5 elsewhere, you would first need to cancel your service with FreedomPop by emailing [email protected] or calling (888) 743-8107. Please note that if you move service to a different phone carrier, then your warranty can no longer be redeemed and your 1-year of free service will not be able to be reactivated at this discounted rate.

What happens after my first year?
After your first year, you can continue using the same FreedomPop service for only $19.46/month. This is broken down as: Unlimited Talk & Text ($10.99/month), Visual Voicemail ($2.49/month), Usage Alerts ($1.99/month), and Wireless Tethering ($3.99/month). You can also downgrade to the 100% Free plan that provides 200 Minutes, 500 Texts, and 500MB of data each month.

When does the plan activate, at purchase or upon receipt of device?
Service is activated on the date your device ships. This is done so that your phone arrives to you ready for usage straight out of the box.

Will there be additional charges beyond the $199.99?
There are only additional charges if you go over your 500MB 4G LTE/3G data plan each month. Additional data can be purchased for 2 1/2 cents per MB.

Can I port over my Phone Number?
Yes, you can port your number over to FreedomPop after your account is activated. The porting process can take up to 2-3 business days.

Thanks for reading! :)

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  • Jessica PerryJessica Perry Posts: 1FreedomPop Newbie
    I purchased, did all the above, and my account shows allocated. Any ETA on shipping? I spoke with someone else who purchased a couple days before me and they already got theirs. :anguished: I also have another order on another email for the F3 and it's allocated too.
  • Richard PeraltaRichard Peralta Posts: 25FreedomPop Newbie
    Would i be able to forgo visual voicemail, wifi hotspot, and usage alerts services for the premium voice, and roll over data services?
    I bought LG Nexus 5 in May 2015.Device was received on May 29 with Android 5 Installed and with my ported Phone number. Since then, I have face problems with:
    a) CONTACTS you cannot add the contacts b) Bluetooth hands free - no voice thru' car speakers.c) some of the Whatsapp functions do not appear to work.
    Lollipop system is having issues with Nexus 5.
    How can I downgrade to Kitkat?
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