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No matter what I do, I cannot access to update the info on this modem. What am I missing?
And it never gets 4g but coverage maps shows me covered. Is it WiMax only for the 4G?
The Sprint software does connect to the modem and will connect to 3G.



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    @Melvin Davis
    Yes Wimax is just 4G. If your stick is capable of 3G (I think it is), then you need a plan that allows 3G. On FreedomPop USB sticks and Hotspots, you must pay a monthly fee for plans that include 3G service.

    Use this coverage map to identify coverage in your area:
    Make sure you select the Data tab and select Wimax in the dropdown control on the right side.
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    Freedom Stick Bolt is only 4G(WiMax). U600 is 4G(WiMax)/3G. Neither of these are Hotspots. We agree that 3G requires subscription service.
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    @Melvin Davis
    I also experienced the same two major problem, To get the U600 to work for me, I did the following.

    1.) ...", not connecting"...
    Short term, I used a different less secure browser to get to the Admin screen.

    /Details: I have 4 browsers and used one that is not as secure as my regular browser. Normally, I only use a very secure browser that locks down ports (80, 443), and it wasn't connecting to the Admin screen until I figured out how to allow my secure browser to temporarily open both ports to "Connect to Private Network" located in Settings> Network, Connection Control.

    Success,, connecting to U600!/

    2.) ..."Never gets 4G"...
    Ultimately the U600 indicated that the firmware needed to be updated. Go to:
    Settings> Updates> Device Updates> Update Firmware, Execute button.
    The system updated to ver. 1.0.941.

    In the new Admin screen, I made two selections, in Settings> Connection Options:
    (o) “4G- Only Connect to 4G Network”
    (o) Settings> Enable Auto Connection

    /Details: I downgraded the service at the end of my first month and the U600 naturally disconnected the 3G. I now realize 4G(WiMax) was disabled the whole time that first month during the trial period. To continue my research I used an available WiFi connection, with the U600 still in the laptop's USB port.

    On the middle left part of the old Admin screen I noticed a red font marquee indicated the U600 firmware needs to be updated. To update the firmware, I logged in (password= admin), went to: Settings> Updates> Device Updates> Update Firmware, Execute button. It didn't state when the update finished. I always use a data counter and about 45 minutes later, when the counter stopped incrementing, I risked refreshing the browser and luckily saw the new Admin screen.

    In the new Admin screen, I logged in (password= admin), made two selections, in Settings> Connection Options:
    (o) “4G- Only Connect to 4G Network”
    (o) Settings> Enable Auto Connection

    Success, 4G(WiMax) working!/

    PS.: Let us know how the above works out for you.

    The following Support provided instructions did not resolve my problem, since I no longer had a 3G connection after downgrading near the end of the first month, but I'll pass it along.

    Support stated that I subscribe to their 3G connection to do the following:
    - if you have 3G connection but 4G "Radio off", do this
    - go to and log in (password= admin) 
    - go to "Setting" -> "advanced setting" -> "updates" -> "Software Update"
    - click on "download" and you will download a file named
    "SPRINT-U602-WebCM-v1.0-B941.main.tar" (~7MB)
    - under same "Software Update", "Update software to device" click on "Browse" and select the downloaded file, it will update whole
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