When Unlimited Talk and Text is NOT Unlimited

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I have really liked the FreedomPop service I have been using the phone for almost 6 months and the dev team has fixed alot of my issues, I have the (Unlimited Talk and Text +500MB plan) besides the bad things like:
1) Calls drop when moving from WIFI to 4G and vice versa(still not fixed)
2) Text messages don't send or receive (this has gotten much better)
3) Incoming calls ring for the person on the other end but no ring or missed call on my phone (not as frequent as 6 months ago but still happens)
4) Forget about trying to make a call on 3G, if you can dial through the call quality is not worth even making the call.
5) If you have an issue and want to talk to someone besides on the Forums - Forget this as well, if you do get through, someone may try to help you but they most likely will not follow through (3 separate reps said they would send a new Samsung S3 battery--mine was defective when I received the phone. 6 months have gone by and still no battery...I bought one myself months ago)

I have been able to deal with the above because I have been saving a Metric Ton of money by using FreedomPop and with each new release the service has gotten better and more reliable. One thing that has irked me now, that may make me finally switch away from FreedomPop is the fact that I have been noticing since I think the "16." release is the fact that I am not being credited back the same amount of data that I use in the app. Let me explain further:

This month I have used 46MB of network data according to my phone:
The breakdown:
11MB of data for other applications
35 MB of data for the FreedomPOP application.

According to the FreedomPOP application I have used 36 MB of data.

I find this interesting as I have only used 11MB of data for other application the rest has been used by the FreedomPOP application.....so I am missing credit to my account in the amount of 25MB and this is only 4 days into the billing cycle! When I look at my data credits in my account, I see all of the credits back are 1 or 2 MB even though I know that some of the large usage blocks are calls, so the lesson here is that if you make a phone call on 3G/4G, make sure you don't talk that long. I can only assume that FreedomPOP is trying to push people into their Unlimited Data plan through **** dealings.
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