Unable to connect (3G Error 900, 4G just fails to connect)

Corey DarroughCorey Darrough FreedomPop Newbie Posts: 16
I've got a paid 3G/4G account. I left my (working) device sit dormant for about two weeks, and I picked it up today and it's failing to connect. It won't even connect to 4G.

My firmware is up to date, as are my 3G PRL file and 3G Profile. I believe there's something wrong on Server Side.


  • M.A. II LopezM.A. II Lopez FreedomPop Master, FreedomPop Expert Posts: 1,188 ✭✭✭
    @Corey Darrough‌ which device do you currently have and what are you seeing when you try to connect? Taylor is making his rounds and hopefully will get with your thread.
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    @Corey - I reviewed your account and it required escalation to our development team. I will let you know as soon as I receive a response back regarding your issue.
  • Corey DarroughCorey Darrough FreedomPop Newbie Posts: 16
    @Taylor‌ Thanks for the quick response! I look forward to hearing back.

    @Miguel lopez I have the Overdrive Pro. I put that in the tags, but it doesn't seem that the tags show up on the post. :)
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    After two days of "Connecting to 3G", I give up .... what to do? cannot connect to the internet, but all computers can see the device (Overdrive Pro)
  • Corey DarroughCorey Darrough FreedomPop Newbie Posts: 16
    One more thing of note, it says on my account that I've used 100mb of data... which is impossible since my device is currently nonfunctional. lol
  • Corey DarroughCorey Darrough FreedomPop Newbie Posts: 16
    Hey @Taylor, just checking in for an update. My device is still nonfunctional stuck at "Connecting to 3G/4G Network".
  • Corey DarroughCorey Darrough FreedomPop Newbie Posts: 16
    New error code appears: Connection Error (67) 3G Network Connection Failed. Still unable to connect to 4G as well.
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    @Corey - To fix this issue, please try the following. You will need to be in a 4G coverage area or have another source of internet to complete these steps:

    1. Connect to your hotspot to a computer via WiFi (Double tap the power button to view the WiFi network name/ SSID and password-the password is displayed within the parentheses)
    --If you are not able to connect via Wifi, because the password is not displaying properly, attach your Overdrive/ Overdrive Pro to a computer using a USB cable.
    --Install and run device driver/ TRU-install
    2. Enter into the address bar your browser
    3. Enter in the admin password, "password"
    4. Choose Advanced Settings
    5. Choose "WAN" tab
    6. Under network updates, choose "Update 3g PRL", after it successfully completes then "Update 3g profile". Both must complete. If one fails, please try again.
    7. Wait several minutes
    8. Turn device off and on again.

    Please let me know if you still have issues and I will continue to help you troubleshoot your problem.
  • Corey DarroughCorey Darrough FreedomPop Newbie Posts: 16
    @Taylor As I mentioned in the original post, I'd done this already. I did, however perform the update once more as per your suggestion. Afterwards it failed to connect. BUT, I reset the device to factory settings and performed it again and the device connected no problem.

    Thanks for the assistance! :)
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