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My sister says her phone quit working. She called customer service and they said her account had been cancelled and they could not help her. Is it possible someone could look into this and see what is going on? Her account email is [email protected]


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    Hello @64user I was able to take a look into your sisters account and it does appear there was a request to cancel an account earlier this week. However, although the above account was cancelled, it was reactivated and all looks to be in good standing :)
  • 64user64user Posts: 138FreedomPop Newbie
    O.k. I'll see if I can contact her. thank you very much for looking into this. :)
  • 64user64user Posts: 138FreedomPop Newbie
    She says it's not working and that she gets Error 67 Registration Failed. I told her to reset activation from Messaging and to log in from MyFreedomPop. If that doesn't work I'll try to have her force stop and clear the data from both apps.

    She did say she can now log into her account from the website on her computer.
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    If that is a BYOD phone, you will likely need to perform Update Profile and Update also. These are found under settings, but exact location varies with the OS version. For Android 4.x.x look here: Settings->More->System Update.
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    O.k. thanks. I don't think it's a BYOD, I think it's a new Samsung Victory from FreedomPop but I'm not certain. Even if it's not, that's something else she can try.
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    @64user With a new activation always update your PRL and Profile :)
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