My account says my number is different from the number my phone says it has, and I can't text.

atomotonatomoton Posts: 3FreedomPop Newbie

My number that is listed on FreedomPop is (phone number A) and on my phone it says a different number (phone number B).

I don't receive text messages send to either number, and when I try to text, I get a text notification that says "You are not allowed to send text messages. Msg 2120."

What is going on?

Data works fine.


  • atomotonatomoton Posts: 3FreedomPop Newbie
    I see. I guess we have to use the provided freedompop messaging app. That's less than ideal but okay.

    Working now. Though not from any messaging apps from the play store.
  • Ali Ali Posts: 6,705FreedomPop Master, Test Role, iOS Master ✭✭✭✭✭
    @atomoton Sorry I couldn't be of much help, but is everything working now? Also just in case you wanted to know what that number was, it is known as the MDN or ERI. That just is your data stuff so you can browse the internet without a problem :)
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