Isnt this supposed to be free?My lifelong journey to free service.

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Maybe I will get a response!. Ill start from the beginning. I bought a phone in January, I guess is was free if I activated it(which I did), it was around $30. I got it 6 weeks later, which is whatever. They said they had backorders, I can deal with waiting. I get the phone, and it has no battery. Again, no big deal. They sent the battery got it in like 4 days. Now the phone has a battery, works all is dandy. 2 weeks later the phone starts randomly shutting off. It will have battery, it just shuts off. In order to get it back on, I need to remove the battery, put it back. Sure once in a while thats fine. Then the phone wont charge. Try different chargers it doesnt work. I talk to support, send the phone back, get a replacement(even had battery this time). I turn it on and it tells me I need to order a number. Go back to support, they fix that problem. Now the banner keeps showing a message "FreedomPopSetup" I hit it and a black screen with FreedomPop logo appears, it has a circle spinning on the bottom. On the banner it says "locating user for device".It will keep spinning for 5 minutes untill I get an error message Failed to register for push notifications Register_Push_Token. I talk to support and they give these troubleshooting steps that dont work. Now they tell me that the "Development Team" suggests that I upgrade to a plan for $4 a month. Now how can it be that before it worked fine, but now I need a plan for it to work?
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