Purchase the Power Bank for $4.99 & Get 500 MB of Data

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The Power Bank is being advertised at the top right, but it doesn't mention the free 500 MB of data until you go to the eBay page.

The going rate for 1 GB of additional data data seems to be approximately $10. So, $5 for 500 MB sounds about right. If you were going to buy more data anyway you can just view the Power Bank as the bonus.


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    @olrs Thanks, bought two.
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    @djinks Great! Maybe you can come back and let us know what you think after you get a chance to use them.
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    First impressions!
    1. The detachable USB to micro USB cable did not work but the permanently attached one did.
    2. There were no instructions included in the box.
    3. I plugged in a wall charger and the red light came on. I let it run expecting the light to turn off or change color when it was fully charged. Did not happen in the 24 hours I let it charge.

    2. I charged a Galaxy Note 3 from 12% to 86% in 2.5 hours then the Power Bank's Blue (discharging) light went off and the phone showed it was no longer receiving a charge. The Note 3 was on the entire 2.5 hours but the screen was turned off.
    3. Blue light comes on when charging a phone and off when not.
    4. Good rate of charge. See the attached screenshot from Battery Monitor Widget. I charged the Note 3 from 2% to 12% with a known good 2A wall charger then switched to the Power Bank. You can see the marker in the graph at 15:04 when I switched to Power Bank. In my opinion, this is a decent charge, better (faster) than you get from a 1A wall charger.

    Only good for one charge on my Note 3 (capacity 3200 mAh according to phonearena.com), but should do better on a Galaxy S3 or S4 (2100 mAh, 2600 mAh at same source).

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    I reloaded the Power Bank. This time it took five hours and the red light did turn off when done. I then charged up a Galaxy S3 (2100 mAh battery) from 26% to 92% in 3.5 hours. I knew I was finished when the blue light turned off. Like the Note 3, I kept the phone on during the charging, but the screen was off.

    My experience tells me a 2A wall charger would have done the job faster, but the Power Bank performed adequately. A 1A wall charger may have done just a little better also.

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    My third test. I charged the Power Bank overnight. This evening, I recharged my Galaxy Note 3 from 25% to 72% in 1hr 43min. Phone was on with screen off.

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    Thank you for the great reviews!

    Overall, do you think it was worth the $4.99?

    Did you get your free 500 MB quickly?

    You said you plugged in a wall charger. Did it come with it or did you use one you already had? How do you know if a wall charger is compatible? I have many microUSB chargers but I don't want to overcharge or burn up a device if the charger is too powerful for whatever I'm charging. For example, I have a Bluetooth speaker and Bluetooth headphones and I'd like to plug them in the wall to charge but I'm worried something might go wrong. I guess the safest way is to just plug it in a USB port on a computer or TV but that is an inconvienece to need to have the extra device on to charge it.
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    Yes, it seems worth $4.99.
    No, I have not received 500MB on either account yet.
    It does not come with a wall charger, just the attached and the detachable USB cables. I used one of my many 2A wall chargers to load it up.
    PC USB port is probably best for Bluetooth headphones or Speaker, but this Power Bank seems fine on a wall charger.
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    I'm glad it seems to be worth the $4.99.

    You did a great review, which I think would be wise for FreedomPop to promote with this. Maybe feature your review on the blog or a Facebook post.

    Did you receive the 500 MB yet? It has been a while.
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    @djinks Hey Daniel, thank you for the review! If you have not received your 500mb, please let me know and I will handle it for you :+1:
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