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No service out of the box. I got an answer from ramxden, who needed more info. So:
Sorry, thought others might have the same problem, so I skipped a lot of details. Phone works fine on wifi. Data on LTE seems to work (at least my account says it does). The ##72786# is a carrier reset code. Per the instructions that came with the phone, that's all you have to do. No response (all the other phones I've had respond to that by running an applet or something that tells you in words what's going on). The phone seems to roam on somebody else's network(operator saying if you want to make a collect call, etc.)
All the usual culprits I know of have been checked off (mobile data, roaming,preferred network, ETC). When I run the Fpop Diagnostics, both hard reset and softreset options take me to a dialer that doesn't work(says"Internet Calling not Supported") which makes me think that its due to the My FreedomPop app not running (login failed, which I mentioned seems to be a 4.x problem). Soooo. I can call out of wifi using the Fpop preinstalled dialer, but you can't use that to do a carrier reset (catch 22). Won't ring on an incoming call, but will go to voicemail, which only proves FreedomPop is home and knows the number.
Internet calling not supported may be a problem with the phone. Both SPRINT and BOOST manuals show a setting to 'enable' internet dialing which just isn't there in this firmware. A mystery inside an enigma.
(Visual Voicemail is killer by the way). Bottom line is I'm paying for this and its DIW.


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    @Edward Rea thanks for the update (sorry for my delay), although now I wish I knew where your other message was, lol. I am simply not going to be able to solve this problem as it may be within the physical phone or firmware or even configuration on FP's end, or some setting that I'm missing (though unlikely given the weirdness of your prob). I'm assuming it's a FP device since your instructions are new to me, and thanks for eductaing me on what the number is used for (when it works). Wifi, as I'm sure you know, doesn't need anything with FP/Sprint's network, which would explain why it works and help isolate the problem. Now to see if your LTE works .. just turn wifi off and see if your browser can load a current page .. if it can, you've definitely got DATA working. If it can't, then although you may see a signal, it doesn't mean you're allowed on that network, and would then indicate the problem is exactly there, and that you need to get on that network or have the right network set. Another assumption with you having a FP device means I'm again outside my territory (APN settings and such). Update PRL may fix it if it is an APN issue (can't instruct, I only know GSM). To do this, I'd suggest try it on wifi since that is all I'm sure works at this time. If you have Premium Voice, and am here just going on advice I've read from kerstuff) you may want to disable that if you have issues, since it's only suppose to kick in on weak signals and sometimes just makes things a bit more complicated when trying to prob solve.

    If none of this helps .. am hoping an admin can assist you directly, or at least someone more familiar with how your specific device operates. Like, your dial-pad seems to work fine, there's just an issue with that code .. and I am guessing you already tried the code while connected to only wifi.
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    Thanks but still dead. Does data when WIFi is off. Don't understand that, as its 'not on the network' ie. no Carrier Reset. Doesn't seem like anyone at FPop helps anymore, and that's too bad, because I always got great service from them.
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    @Edward Rea So, to summarize, let me make sure I've got this straight. You can use data and phone on wifi, but only data on your data connection. You can't use the diapad to activate the code you need to set on your phone because it just gives you an error about not being connected to network whether you're on data or wifi. Is that correct?
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