Account inactive for several years, reactivation done but no internet access by MiFi

I am on the "free" plan and haven't used my account for several years. At that time I "re-activated" my account (after a similar inactive period), and as I recall I had to call to get my MiFi reactivated.
This time I started my MiFI and signed in online (not using my MIFI). The web site indicates my device has been activated but when I connect to the device via wifi it shows there is no internet connection.
I tried to call customer service but now learned that talking to a person costs $4.
I updated my credit card thinking that maybe I needed a current card for the "free" service but that didn't do anything.
Also, my MiFi now will not find any 4G service when several years ago I was able to connect to 4G in my area.
I assume that someone must activate something. I have gone through some of the videos but most don't seem to pertain to my situation.
When I try to open a ticket I am taken to the "Log In" screen and putting my user and pass over and over again does not take me to the next step.
Should I just upgrade to a paid account and pay for the online support?


  • ramdxenramdxen Posts: 169FreedomPop Newbie, FreedomPop Expert ✭✭✭
    @JAMESPORTER As you may have noticed, free users are no longer able to submit a ticket or phone support. Your options for getting support from freedompop's end is getting the attention of an admin here (I'm not one), or messaging the Freedompop pages on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. If you message, be sure to include details like your name, email address, device, and nature off the problem. What you may be looking for could simply be reactivation, but CDMA setups aren't in my field of knowledge, so it's just an educated guess. I'm sorry I can't assist with your problem, but did want to address some changes and your options.
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    If you have one of the original MiFi 4082 I've just been told that we are S.O.L. For one thing, the type of 4G service they use has been discontinued by Sprint. Myself, I'm in the same situation you are in and live in an area that only gets 3G anyways but they won't activate that for me :-( . I can get it to connect with the 3G network but no data :-( . I was able to submit a ticket because I just received a new phone from them and it was still running a free trail of the non-free plan it came with.
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