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When will we be able to disable Admin capabilities from our phones? I can't let anyone else (except my wife) possess an FP phone, until admin authority can be removed. Last year, I let a member of my church borrow an FP phone on free service, so he would have a phone number to put on job applications (and could answer to accept such job). I found out later, that he went into the FP app, and enabled premium voice. I cancelled the card attached to the phone. When he got his first paycheck, he boasted about getting his own account with 4 gigs of data, but failed to return the phone he borrowed from me. I can just imagine what a teenager would do with the FP settings (like enable auto top up, or change to a higher data plan). If we use a "nanny" app to lock out the FP app, the phone won't be able to make or take calls. I don't mind going to the website to alter my account settings, or review usage.

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