Connectivity issue LTE SIM card on Iphone 5

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Hello everybody,
I own a iPhone 5 MD664LL/A and have successfully used it with a FP Global Sim until today (despite no more 3G service but only EDGE). I have installed today my new FP LTE SIM card and see that the phone receives ATT 4G since it is displayed in the display. I have erased the old FP APN Profile from my iPhone and have downloaded the new APN vie I cannot see if it has downloaded and installed successfully since FP has removed the option to check on the APN. I am unable to connect to the 4G internet despite having done a complete network reset (3 times) and dialing ##25327#. I have tried to reach Customer Service and was informed that I have to pay to speak to a technical assistant. I have paid so far 5.99 only to experience serious conncetivity problems which have nothing do to with my phone (it still connects with FP Global SIm and other SIM cards) and I follow the FP instructions word by word. FYI: no profile downloads from your website ( after I have set the country to US and the SIM card to LTE so I trust that it is meant to install by itself. The pictures show otherwise but the shown windows never show up (and, yes, I am connected to WIFI). Please help.....


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    did your iph. ask for your pin to install iosapn, the pin to unlock your ph. after a boot-up ?
    check iph's. setting - roaming, for apn. and allow roaming.
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