I LOVED your service, I have nothing good to say about your support people

Stephanie WeberStephanie Weber Posts: 2FreedomPop Newbie
I really was excited about your service -- I still am. That's why it is so hard for me to stay why I'm leaving. There is a problem in billing. I went through tech support to establish when I last was logged using my FreedomPop modem (early morning of June 27th). I can see on the site that I continued to be billed through today, June 29th -- right up to this minute! The battery is out of your modem and had been from the 27th on.

The times I'm being billed for correspond exactly to the times I've been on my Sprint-service Virgin Mobile modem. I can support that with comparison of FreedomPop and VM usage/billing logs.

I intended to change to the mifi modem and bump up to the 10 usage, but the defensive, hostile attitude of customer support made me angry enough to simply cancel everything.


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    @Stephanie Weber‌ sorry to see you go. I wish you would have brought you issue to @Taylor‌ for assistance. He is the go-to person here when we need resolution. Perhaps it's not to late to resolve your issue? Give him a chance.
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    All we are saying
    is give Taylor a chance...
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    I highly recommend you send @Taylor‌ a message. So sorry that happened to you Stephanie! :(
    I'm not an employee...only a volunteer. If you need official assistance:

    Freedompop Customer Service numbers-(888) 743-8107---(888) 906-3184---855) 703-5785---(888) 673-8518---888) 915-2647--(888) 731-1555--(888) 701-1353, Monday-Friday 8am-8pm PDT.
  • Stephanie WeberStephanie Weber Posts: 2FreedomPop Newbie
    Sprint is the carrier for both modems. Sorry about that. I knew better, but was pretty upset after talking with billing and tech support, both of whom were defensive and insistent there's no problem. Even after canceling, and having let my friend take the modem apart to use it for parts on the 29th, I'm still getting data charges on my (canceled) account!

    Billing actually insisted I must have the modem turned on some way, even though the battery was out. That part was funny, actually. No, I don't have poltergeists.

    The error only amounted to a few dollars, it was billing and tech supports attitudes that was the kicker. I worked tech support for AT&T in mobile devices.
  • Stephanie WeberStephanie Weber Posts: 2FreedomPop Newbie
    Still accruing billing for "pay as you go" THREE DAYS after the modem had the battery taken out, however no more usage is accruing. which it can't since the modem was in pieces as of last night.
  • Stephanie WeberStephanie Weber Posts: 2FreedomPop Newbie
    I tried customer service, both tech support and billing. When it happened, money was coming out of my account so fast I stood to lose much more. There are still charges coming out today, and I would've been out $30 or more.

    I really like the service provisioning, but the support people were another matter.
  • Stephanie WeberStephanie Weber Posts: 2FreedomPop Newbie
    I've posted a couple times, but it seems I'm not getting posted now. I would be very happy to have my mind changed, but I don't buy the answer that it takes three or four days to track my usage and bill my overage.

    I really did like the service. Just don't much care for reps who think talking louder and faster makes it more believable. Looked forward to using the mifi too, darn it.
  • Stephanie WeberStephanie Weber Posts: 2FreedomPop Newbie
    I don't know about sending a message outside this board. I would be happy to, and would have when this started if that's the process that was documented. I followed what was on the website. As of today, all of my data has been removed from the site, but I have screen shots. And none of my followup is getting posted. I don't know why I'm being gagged, but it's pretty cold. I'm not being at all ugly about it, just forthright.
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