Data Overage Charges When I have Automatic Top-up Disabled

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I am a little frustrated with the situation. I am using a Freedom Spot - 4G/3G MiFi and I have disabled the Automatic Top-up in my account. It is my understanding that disabling automatic top-up will cause my account to suspend when I get within 100MB of my cap. I am totally happy with that arrangement. What I am not happy with is that my account is not suspending and running right past my limit and I am getting data charges. What do I need to do in order to get the account to suspend rather than blast past my data limit?


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    @Freedompop Mifi 2‌ please pm @Taylor‌ with this issue for assistance. Always use @ before his name to catch his attention!
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    Possibly you're burning up more than 100 MB in two hours or so. So if you had 125 at noon and by two had used 150. Then when freedompop catches up with its three hour delay, there may be more charges. One balance below 100, you're frozen. But the are up to 12 15 minute intervals for them to catch up with. If you only used 10mb/15 min period, that still 120 subtracted from your below 100 balance.
    As for a fix only Taylor can take care of you. Be friendly, and he'll do you fine.
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    @Freedompop Mifi 2‌ - There is a 3 hour delay when accounting for data before it is essentially "caught up" to your actual usage. For example, when you are in the middle of using a high intensive data streaming source such as Netflix, the delay may cause an inaccurate report showing less data usage than what has been used. This is why we do not advise our users to do any music/video streaming.
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