Do I need to have bank card on file to get $50/year service?

jimdaysjimdays Posts: 4FreedomPop Newbie
I am considering to buy the Freedompop sim card for $50/year from Best Buy or Amazon. I don't want Freedompop to have any way to charge me for anything. Is it possible to do this (not have bank card on file)? Then, what happens if I use over a certain limit of data? I understand that all other services (unlimited talk, text, voice mail) is free. Is this true, or is there some limitation (besides data)? I would prefer (without paying any extra charge) to have the data just stop when I reach the limit. And what is the data limit? Is it 1GB or 750MB? I heard that some people were charged when their data exceeded 750MB. The confusement factor in pricing is a real negative point. Some websites have a video play without pressing "play", and also these websites might operate in the background, quickly using up data without knowledge of the user. It could be easy to reach the data limit without user knowledge.


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