How to join FP Friends group?

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Short on data? Want an extra GB for free? Join today and get up to 1.5GB monthly for free!

Interesting but how do I join?



  • B00merB00mer Posts: 19FreedomPop Newbie
    2 weeks, no response...
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    In my defense, I wasn't really active here until the last few days. ;) I just googled freedompop friends and pasted a bunch of email addresses other people posted to get my 10 friends, lol. I'll send you a PM with two of my emails if you want two friends to start with. I already have 10, but having over 10 is no problem, either.

    As for joining the group, if reading from the thread here (I believe by Ali) then it links to a page that has a join button, which is . I think the max free data is lower now. I don't know if everything goes as planned once you click or tap that button, but it's there. Anyway, look for a PM. If you're in a rush for extra data, PM me back to let me know you added invited my emails and I'll know to check and accept.
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    how do i join freedom pop friends thank you
    [email protected]
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