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Several weeks ago when you all had your usage data tracking problem, my Burst Hub stopped working at about 2.5gig of my 10gig allotment. I figured something got messed up with the tracking and figured it would adjust after I got billed for my next months of service. Well, last night I was billed for another month of service, and my gauge shows 0 of 10gig used, but I still cannot use my service. It just keeps looping to a page that tells me my account needs to be updated and redirects me to my freedompop page no matter what website I try to go to. HOW DO I GET THIS FIXED? I will not keep paying for a service I cannot use.


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    FP needs to fix something in your account. Sounds like it got locked for a reason possibly not caused by you. Or may did. Either way they have to fix it. PM one of Taylor, Darla_A, or Mike this info along with your email used to create your account (login). That might be enough to investigate and possibly fix it in one go.
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  • @Sean Gum‌ Have you gotten this issue taken care of yet? If not, please PM me your email address so that I can look in to this for you, thanks.
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