Charged for cancelled plan, now deactivated without permission.

AmalaAmala Posts: 6FreedomPop Newbie
I bought a Nova hotspot on 9.4. Before I was charged for unwanted data and services, I tried to downgrade. The website kept freezing and I could do very little. I thought I had downgraded after trying for a long time, but the website was not responding normally. I was charged 34.95, so the downgrade didn't go through. I wrote to FP at FB, in public then PM, 3 days ago. I've asked to be downgraded and have the charge removed. I've asked questions. I've had no answers or help.

Now I see my account has been deactivated! Not by me. I want the free data plan (does that still exist?) And I want the charge removed. Or give me a refund for my Nova.

I've been a FP customer for a long time, but if this is not resolved I'm gone. Thank you for your help.


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