Have questions regarding account

Maryska_Maryska_ Posts: 3FreedomPop Newbie
Acc #941.999.3050, and 941.218.8112. Maryska Giunta. Can you please clarify some charges to my account that have showed up on my credit card. My number has since been ported. I returned, unopened a table, $39,99 which has not been credited back to me. I also have 2 charges to my Huawei phone on 9.8.18 of $16.98 and $3.99, I downgraded and have since cancelled that phone and have asked for a refund of any charges. Can you please tell me why I have 3 charges of $20 on 9/11/18? I don't know what these charges are for. I have not had data service with FP since July 2018, when I began communicating with customer service about not being able to make calls, so I know I have not been using data. Also on my billing page can you tell me what "Credit - Account Balance and Credit Refills are? This has also been a recuring charge.


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