Google Services Eating 80-85 MB Cell Data Per Week Even On WiFi

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I've done the basics, restricting GS background services, etc. The only correlation to this is the Android system update that comes from Freedom Pop. I've disabled the notification of the update, but the download still occurs. As a more drastic measure, I rooted the phone and used an app to disable the update service for system updates. I'm hoping that will help, but I doubt it will.

Do the math: 320-340 MB of the 500 MB/month gone to this crap.

Please stop forcing the download for system upgrades, especially if one is already downloaded. And set it up where the download will occur on WiFi, not on cell data. Geeze!


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    @James Magnant
    Data leaking. Losing data while asleep, on wifi----------------------------------------------
    Sometimes the phone, to save energy in deep sleep mode, will cut the WiFi off and use cellular data. Check these settings:
    Menu > Settings > Wi-Fi > Press the menu key > Advanced > Click the box under Keep Wi-Fi On During Sleep and select "Always"
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    could it be the stagefright system update downloading over and over again each week?
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    djinks said:

    @James Magnant
    Data leaking. Losing data while asleep, on wifi----------------------------------------------
    Sometimes the phone, to save energy in deep sleep mode, will cut the WiFi off and use cellular data. Check these settings:
    Menu > Settings > Wi-Fi > Press the menu key > Advanced > Click the box under Keep Wi-Fi On During Sleep and select "Always"

    I know this is an old thread but I'm having trouble with a data leak. I've tried locking it down to no avail.
    Locked out google and FP wouldn't work. I accidentally left my phone on next to my wifi router at home when I left for work today and notice 6mb used. I use Greenify and I am going to see if I can keep the WiFi on.

    It irritates the "blank" out of me that my paid data is going out the window when I am not directly using it.
    I was trading some pictures so that accounted for some of my use but I have that in check now.

    I'm using TalkaTone in ANOTHER 6P that has an AT&T GoPhone sim in it that doesn't have a data plan.
    I send photos over wifi for free with that setup and still can take and make calls.

    I had mentioned this before and FP graciously gave me credit when I didn't ask for it. I have no beef with them but I'd like to lock the data down so I can use it when I want to use it when on the cell network.
    The piddle leaking is irritating.

    If a few kb a day has to be used so the network can keep track of the phone so it can take calls, fine.
    Having several mb "paid" leak out in the background is unacceptable especially when the phone is next to
    a wifi router!! I'll see if Mr. Magnant's remedy works and I'll also look for an FAQ here.

    Oh, I had a "free" sim I used for 6 months with no issue. I misplaced the phone and home (finally found it) and got a new "full service" sim I dropped in the second 6P. I got a new sim about May , actually accrued a fair about of rollover and a lot of 2mb chunks were going out starting in September. Some was me but a lot I couldn't put a finger on.

    My phone shows all the data going out through FP in the background. All my other apps show foreground usage on wifi only. If I turn mobile on ok but I try to be fastidious.

    Oh I did turn off Googles notification of app upgrades too. Kurt
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  • Allen Kurt Allen Kurt Posts: 74FreedomPop Newbie
    Thanks for the response. I've posted over here too:

    The leak shows it was going out over the FP messaging app when I wasn't doing anything with the phone.
    I had sent out some photos but it really seemed to me to be in excess of what I was doing.
    The time stamps were occurring when I wasn't using the phone. Once this process started happening,
    I kept attuned to the time of when I was using the phone.

    I thought I had it locked down pretty well and was accruing some rollover data which is nice to have.
    I didn't have any problems the first few months I had the SIM. The problem popped up out of nowhere
    after some Android system updates in September.

    Now, I think when the phone goes to sleep, the Wifi eventually shuts off. When that happens I believe even though I have Google confined to Wifi only, something surreptiously is happening in the background over the mobile network. I checked all my other apps and they state, "We're not the culprit."

    Yes, Auto updates are turned off, google notifications are turned off, auto sync is turned off.
    All apps I don't necessarily need when mobile are turned off. Weather Underground is confined to Wifi only.

    This didn't start happening until Android 8.1 with me. In fact I got the SIM in May and actually accrued some rollover data. In September (after some Android upgrades) the data seemed to be flying in/out excessively over my usage.

    I used the adb command on my rooted phone to keep the Wifi on no matter what so as long as there is a Wifi connection, any google background stuff can go out over that connection. Did that a couple of days ago and that seems to have helped.

    1.47 Gb went out over this billing cycle and the next cycle will be more enlightening. It went out at the beginning of the month while I was trying to get a handle on it but has stopped or slowed down significantly now.

    I had a "Free Service" SIM on a Blu phone I maintained and never had an issue with a data leak.
    I'd keep it on Wifi a lot, make a few calls a month and send a few messages and never went over the
    GSM data allotment. Cripes, after I misplaced it in my house (at least that's what google locate said) I didn't worry about it. It was turned off and I later found it. I decided to retire it. I don't do anything financial or confidential on a phone so if it gets lost, no big deal. Stay tuned and I'm going to try to optimize this as much as I can. Kurt

  • Allen Kurt Allen Kurt Posts: 74FreedomPop Newbie
    Hi, I am getting somewhere now. I locked down all my apps as much as possible and unfortunately
    had to use the adb command on my rooted phone "adb shell setting put global wifi_sleep_policy 2". Phone has been sitting and no data leak. I had the data saver turned off too and still no leak. I had the Wifi on except when I tested for incoming phone call ability. I tried calling in with wifi off, network on along with the data saver off and on with perfect success. The call usage shows up quickly but I have not sent any photos today.
    The day I saw 6-7mb get charged, the phone was sitting next to the wifi with the wifi turned on along with the fact there were no incoming or outgoing calls or data being received or sent. Actually I forgot to bring the phone with me that day.
    To recap, I believe with Android 8.1 if one puts the phone to sleep, the wifi will eventually go to sleep.
    The phone/Android 8.1 surreptitiously switches to the mobile network (unless you turned it off but what's the use if you can't take calls with the phone sleeping) Any background google big brother watching goes through FP messaging. FP messaging has to be totally unrestricted to work. Kurt
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