FreedomPop doesn't remember preferences I've given it on dual-sim Android 7 phone

As I understand things, I have free plan and zero services and an AT&T LTE data SIM with Messaging VoIP/texting app on a dual-sim Android 7.1 device. Every time the Messaging app fires up in the *foreground* at boot (which is annoying in and of itself -- can the foreground aspect be stopped?), it wants to:

a) give me a "Dual Sim Tips" popup where it reminds me that "FreedomPop is not set as default calling SIM in your phone settings. Calls will not be made from FreedomPop number." No, FreedomPop should not be my default SIM for dialing. Pretty sure as currently configured, I have to use the VoIP app to dial. Can I make the app stop prompting for this? It's given its unhelpful-to-me reminder once, why over and over? Just another stupid thing to click 'ok' to. :(

b) then it asks to "Set Messaging as Default". No, I prefer to use the Messaging app just for FreedomPop SMS and such, and use my phone's native app for the default. But, every boot I get: "To ensure optimal experience, Android may ask you to confirm FreedomPop is set as default. Select yes if asked on follow up message." and then gives me the Android 'use Messaging as default" prompt too. It's been asked and answered once, why again and again?

Oh, besides "at boot", it does this every time you "sync to account", too.

I've set things the way they should be set for my desires and my FP plan/service. If I want the app to go through all my choices again, I'll clear data or reinstall. This constant prompting makes it pretty unusable for anything other than pure data. If it has to prompt me, can it at least not start in the foreground at boot?


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    This is still a problem a year later, after updating to Android Oreo. At boot, it always wants to launch in the foreground so I can set Dual SIM settings I already set and want it to remember. *groan*
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