multiple charges/cards?

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I was trying to purchase a second SIM card (I already have one and like the service) but when I put in the info and hit submit first it told me it could not process the order and I needed to update my credit card info on file. I did that (there was a ±$20 verification "charge" confirmation I hit okay on) and went back to the page and hit submit again. It said it couldn't go through, and I didn't pick a phone number or get an extra account added to my homepage or anything, so I thought I'd just give up.

Except I opened my app for my credit card and not only do I see the ±$20 verification (actually I see two of these) … I see about half a dozen $0.01 charges, both before and after I sent the verification/credit card update. Can you cancel these? I only want ONE new card mailed to me (and I only want one card's worth of charges on my credit card), but since I didn't pick a number I'm afraid all of these might be invalid or something?

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