Does Freedompop charge extra

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I'm planning to buy the free basic plan freedompop sim, But I've read reviews that it says it charges extra to set up and ect. Is it true? I just want to pay the 4:99 on sale and use it.


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    @vertixty - All SIMs come with a free trial and begins billing at the end of the trial.
    To get the FREE plan you need to downgrade BOTH the Plan AND the Services before the end of the trial. You do this in your online account. Explore it early. Find sections called Plan & Services. Once opened, down near bottom is "to downgrade click here" or "to remove service x, click here'.

    Note: they do require a one time deposit of $20 to request the FREE plan. There is an automatic top-up that is ON. To turn it off requires a data-safe service That will halt your service without overage charges to you. $6.99/mo. I go naked with it on and monitor my balance especially just before big activities like movies or TV. Then decide if I have enough to avoid overages. Your overage charges pull from the credits you have in your balance.
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