Freedompop Messaging App uses background mobile data

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My phone is Honor 7 and it got update overnight. After that I got a message from Freedom pop app that it also got updated. On the next day after I sent a picture using Freedom pop messages app around 1:56pm it keeps continue to drain a data fast in a chunk of 2mb. I did not noticed until it drained all my data. Before sending picture I got about 800mb for a total of 1gb plan. Within about an hour all my data is gone. I seek out for tech support and only answered I got was my account is shutdown due to over usage. I don't want to top off without knowing the root-caused. But look like I have to top off because I still have 20 days left for data to reset back to 1gb. The top of service is cost $10 dollar. Does anyone know how much data I can gain for top off $10? I see other option such as FreedomPop safety mode, freedompop phone premier annual, and Freedompop prenium. Is it worth to use those service. I just need to increase about 200mb in order to use my phone until the next cycle roll over. Look forward for your advice.



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    @andy2011 - If you are still unsure of usage cause, enable Mobile Data for 10 min at a time then wait 1/2 hour or more for any activity to flush out. Max wait is up to 3 hours.

    Be sure the Google play and other Google stuff updates are set for WiFi ONLY! Also set Android to update with WiFi ONLY. This might have been a repeating attempt to update, fail and cycle over and over. On WiFi at least it doesn't cost you so badly.0
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    I have limited as many background apps as I can including as many system apps I can get into and limit their use to WiFi only. My only suggestion as a user is to start with a fresh phone, ratchet down as much as one can to WiFi while Messaging and the Phone still have access to the mobile network so calls can seamlessly get through. A major problem is "Mother Google" still wants to hear from her "children" so some system apps can be quite sneaky and send data in the background through Messaging unbeknownst to the user. If one is out of WiFi range, mobile data is used and Messaging duly records that. I don't believe it's FP. It's an Android app that is playing in the background that wants to talk that is hard for the user to find. It is quite a challenge to track down these things and I've given up with a 3 to 5mb daily leak. Still pretty bad if one is trying to do "Free" but I'm not and have a decent regular FP plan
    that's still half of some of the commercial outlets and has some rollover. I like rollover God bless 'em.
    The other issue is restrict an essential app for FP to work and one likely won't get stuff off the mobile network including calls. It's a trial and error thing.
    Perhaps an admin can revisit and update a post on using data frugally with details on locking out everything that can be locked out to WiFi and minimize the data leak on the mobile network side.
    For long term use, start with a minimum number of apps on ones phone and monitor data use. Try to plug as many holes as possible. If you add an app that is unacceptably leaking data even with Wifi only selected, consider dumping it. Also go into the developer options and go through every tab and not just Apps & notifications. I found app listings in odd places I was able to diddle with and yes if you want to be miserly and don't mind being out of contact for awhile, simply shut the mobile network off and wait until you get into WiFi range. If you really need to be reached, you can turn the mobile network back on. That's the only surefire way to limit the metered connection.
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    ... or you're cannibalizing your free users in order to get money out of them. I have been using this service for a while now and my habits of super low volume usage have not changed since day one. However, Freedompop's accounting of that usage has suddenly changed dramatically. Somehow in the last month, my usage numbers have been quickly escalating to the point that I am now incurring charges including a big $20 charge recently.

    I do not watch videos on my phone. I do not download anything on my phone. I rarely even open a text-based email. I use my phone almost strictly for:

    - Making short phone calls and even those are super low in volume (less than 10 per month on average).

    - Checking the Freedompop user site for my usage numbers.

    I am not at all buying that my usage is currently at 85%, nor do I buy that my usage has began to skyrocket despite my habits having not changed a bit. Your system is clearly misreporting.

    As I look at the usage log, there is a bizarre and constant 2mb usage happening at odd times. Some of those times are when I am working, other times when I am on the road driving, and other times when I am sleeping. I even turned my phone off completely for a few days only to return and find that more usage has been thrown on even though this would've been impossible with the phone in total shutdown mode with ability to download any data.

    I've sent several emails to you, and no one has bothered to respond. Someone needs to look into this and do the following:

    1. Fix whatever issue is causing this bizarre, constant 2MB usage that I am NOT performing myself. BTW, this is not the first time your system has had such an issue with my account, and I have a record of your customer service admitting to the error and awarding my data back with a bonus because of the mishap.

    2. Refund the $20 that your system took from my bank account based on this false/inaccurate usage data.

    If this does not happen at some point in the next few days, I will be filing a complaint with my bank for the purpose of issuing a monetary **** against FreedomPop's merchant account.

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    I am not an admin but noticed the increasing use last July. I was pinged with a 2Gb used warning but I had a lot of data banked. It was about the time I updated to a custom Firmware based on Oreo. I believe
    Android/Google is at fault. I've noticed the last couple of days I've sustained less than a half megabyte a day leak. This was with the Nexus 6P and Firehound 4.9 on all day long with WiFi and Mobile turned on.
    Went out of range of Wifi for quite some time. My "free" calls and messages were recorded as such.
    Data is leaking out in the background due to Android and the problem is getting it locked down enough to minimize the leaks. Believe me, some apps are very sneaky. I am in no way attached to FP and am just a user like everyone else. I had a bad leak just like a lot of other people and kept going at it to plug it.

    My 6P is rooted and perhaps that might be a reason I can dig as deep as I can and still have it locked down and have FP work.

    Make sure you are locked onto WiFi before you do anything although sometimes an app will use Mobile
    behind your back. Stinks.

    I did keep the Mobile Network turned off for quite some time while trouble shooting and turned it on
    with monitoring until I got the idle data use down.

    I do implore some of the admins to look into this issue again as it seems there are several folks who get hit over the head with it. If they can work at helping users minimize the leaks, it will lead to more customer satisfaction. In older versions of Android, I didn't find it as much of a problem but when I got a device fired up with Oreo, the poop hit the fan. Kurt
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    As an update, I'm seeing anywhere from .5mb to 2mb a day leakage with both Wifi and the network turned on and apps locked down. Ideally, it would be nice to be able to get that to zero but the way Android is designed to track people's desires, it's unlikely to happen. One technique would be to turn off the network when one is within a good WiFi range and turn it back on when knowing you're going to be out of range.
    Yes, I know a real PITA. My pet peeve is all the "unlimited" plans by other providers out there appeal to those with more money than "smarts" and clog up the data network by being sloppy with their Android phone setups. $150.00 a month and you too can be one of the "Stupid". Kurt ;-)
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    One of the biggest problems is FP Messaging can get stuck in some sort of a data loop. On January 4th I burned through 1.15Gb with my phone in my pocket. Got pretty warm. I thought I had that problem licked. Went through every single app and the only thing that recorded the usage was FP Messaging. I made no changes except recharged and rebooted the phone it corrected itself. That is the worst thing is not knowing what that data is or the app responsible. Kurt
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    I have the same problem.
    Between Jan 01 to Jan 04, the FP Messaging App used 703MB of mobile data (for a total of 748MB for this 4 day period)
    Then on Jan 11 the FP Messaging App again made a data spike and now the current count is 1.36GB of mobile data used by FP Messaging App (for a total of 1.52GB for Jan 01 to 15).
    There is no reason to believe that Android OS (Google software) is not accurately reporting individual app consumption.
    The FP customer support is refusing to acknowledge the problem and blame the user for having update or background app using the data. This is wrong. There is clearly a problem with the FP Messaging App as multiple people are reporting it and this need to be escalated.
    FP should credit the data back to our account and fix the problem.
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    Hi Alejandra,

    Thanks for replying.

    I suggest you do a search on "freedompop messaging app-background data" and you will find many entry of people having similar problem for the past months.

    You can see below the 2 screenshot from Android OS for the past 15 days which show the FreedomPop Messaging app mobile data usage (during those 15 day I only receive 1 text message and no phone call).
    I believe Android OS mobile data usage report to be accurate. (and if otherwise, why would the data be attributed to FP Messaging app and not any other apps!?)
    My FP account is under the same email as my forum user.
    Let me know what additional information you need and I will send it to you by private message.

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    Hi Alejandra,

    I understand your explanation in general: "This is because we are a VOIP service, which means we will always use data for calls, text and pure data use."
    But in this particular case, I did not made or received a single phone call during that period and received only 1 text message (without image).

    Due to the abnormal data usage there are 45 pages with mostly 2MB data usage lines in, so no screenshot
    I can give you some dates and time ranges of the most suspicious data:
    Jan 1/2/2019 8:41AM to 10:21AM ~280MB
    Jan 1/3/2019 8:48AM to 7:56PM ~220MB
    Jan 1/4/2019 7:07AM to 10:18AM ~200MB
    Jan 1/11/2019 7:00PM to Jan 1/12 1:10AM ~600MB

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    The date and time I provided are coming from the website data log.
    These are ranges of time where the log is showing continuous data usage (only 2MB lines every minute without interruptions).
    I evaluated the total by counting the number of page for each range (n page x 20 lines per page x 2MB)
    I can send you the screenshots for each of those ranges but this will be between 20 to 30 images.
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    Hi Alejandra,

    I have attached a screenshot of the website data log as a sample of the suspicious data during the Jan 1/11/2019 7:00PM to Jan 1/12 1:10AM period.
    As explained earlier the suspicious data consumption is not limited to this single screenshot but is spread over 30 more pages.

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    Hi Alejandra,

    The FP account is under the same email as my forum profile.
    You can also find my account info in this FP support ticket: #190115-000350
    Let me know if you need more info.

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