I'm unable to connect to the network

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Hi, I have a BYOD LG G5 (Sprint) but I'm unable to connect to your network. I read that the issue could be that I may not have a compatible sim card. Do you guys sell sim cards for Sprint phones? Additional information: I've had the account for months, but I never got it to work properly without WIFI. Thanks in advance.


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    @g5freedompop - You'll need this part number: SIMGLW446C
    That works in the LG G5 model.
    Google that to find sources of purchase.

    For local purchases:
    +++++++++++++Best Buy info
    SIMs aren't available at all Best Buys. Sprint SIMs are NOT displayed on the shelves with the other SIMs, they're locked away at the mobile service desk

    I start search on Best Buy's web site and see what it knows. Then it may indicate which stores have stock. Then I may phone the store's customer service desk to verify it is in stock at that store. Only then do I drive there.

    NOTE: DO NOT go to the Mobile section at the beginning(the mobile staff won't help or not willing to help!), go to the customer service, ask them to check if the item in stock, if yes, ask them to print out the slip as proof, then go to the mobile section. If they tell you not found, just say the customer service has checked it, many in stock, ask for double check with PLEASE.
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