No incoming calls when on data (outgoing calls OK)

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Hi FreedomPop,

Phone has recently stopped receiving incoming calls when on data, even though outgoing calls can be made. If Wifi is enabled, incoming calls do ring. I've updated the phone's system software, Messaging app is latest, phone has been restarted several times, no change. Could you please suggest what to try?

If you can troubleshoot on your end, the last four of the phone number are 2927. Thank you!


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    @HelloG -
    For Android Devices: have and Apple device ?

    Connect your phone to WiFi (important)
    Go to your device's home screen
    Select your device's native dialer
    (Make sure you are not tapping on the FreedomPop Messaging app)

    Dial ##72786# or ##SCRTN#

    If you are using a Nexus, Google or Motorola phone, dial Dial *#*#72786#*#* instead

    Tap Dial, Send or Call

    After you complete your carrier reset, make sure to turn your phone completely off by holding down the power button, then turn it back on again.

    When it powers up observe all the notifications going on as it boots up. You should see a brief one saying Registering for . Then things looks much more promising. You can swipe (pull down) from top edge of the phone to see the list of status of things that ran during start up. ONE should show your phone number as registered / active. You should be able to receive calls when that is working.
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