Still can't activate my phone

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@Vanessa Copeland‌ I replied to your email not sure if I have the right Vanessa. I still can't activate my Samsung Galaxy S3 that I bought from Freedompop on July 20th and got on Aug. 2 and I still can't use it on 3g or 4g. It keeps asking me to put in my email which I do and it says error. I think I know the problem. When I went into settings, clicked on More then clicked on about devices then clicked on Status it shows under username and totally different email then mine. Under my phone number it is a totally different phone number then mine. How do I get this problem fixed? I've tried calling Freedompop several times and they keep telling me they are fixing the problem but nothing happens. I am getting frustrated since my free 30 day trial will be up on Sept. 2 and I can't use my phone. Please Help.

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