Still no phone activation!!!!!!!!!!!

Thomas withnellThomas withnell Posts: 1FreedomPop Newbie
I wen t to the BYOP site and entered my info as well as paid for my activation 5 days ago. I called the second day because I still had no voice or data, even after 2 msl resets. They said it would be 24-48 hours and the issue would be resolved. After still not working I called today. All the person on the phone told me is that the developers don't work weekends, so he cannot get a hold of anyone to get it looked at asap. He also told me that thy do not have a phone number for me to contact them. He went on to tell me that no one in development has even looked at it or made any notes to the ticket. Now I know why the prices are so low and it is highly advertisement driven service. Because getting a customers dollar is not only the bottom line, but seems to be the only line this company provides. I am not getting this service because I am cheap but because my income is low and cannot afford service anywhere else. I think I may rethink checking out republic wireless.


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