Service suspends at 200MB left?

David TranDavid Tran Posts: 7FreedomPop Newbie
I've been using my Freedompop Hub Burst for a while under the free plan and it seems to suspend itself at 200MB left now. I remember a while back it did that with 100MB left, allowing me to use that much more data. That is also consistent with another Freedompop device I own that allows me to use it until 100MB is left before suspending service. It's also what the support resources say at these two links:

This is somewhat concerning because under the 1GB free plan, the Hub Burst doesn't really have that much more data available to it per month than my Photon does. I cannot find anywhere where on the support resources where it says that data thresholds before suspension of services are different.

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  • David TranDavid Tran Posts: 7FreedomPop Newbie
    They had told me that the 100MB data threshold only applies to devices with a 500MB free data plan, but that's all they said. This was a bit unsatisfactory to me because there are no help resources that say anything about different data thresholds for different devices.
  • JAY SANCHEZJAY SANCHEZ Posts: 410FreedomPop Master, FreedomPop Expert ✭✭✭
    @David Tran‌ One simple solution is to add more FP to your account and/or request extra data from them. That will easily help you fully utilize your free 1 Gb allocation.
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