AppleCare+ replaced my BYOD Sprint iPhone 5; now need service on the working one.

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@Jorge M., @lolabee (Admins would you please help me? Thanks!)

Previously I had a BYOD Sprint iPhone 5 that I had signed up with and became a subscriber for FreedomPop service on 6/16/2014.

Unfortunately the device I signed up with became non-functioning. Through my Apple Care Plus Warranty I was able to replace this non-functioning device with a working one - a refurbished iPhone 5 Model #ND097LL/A. At the time of replacement the Apple store employee retrieved the Sprint SIM card from my old iPhone 5 and placed it in the new, working replacement. She tried but was unable to activate the new replacement because she could not locate "FreedomPop" in the dropdown list of carriers that allow activations initiated from Apple stores.

Now I have a functioning iPhone 5 without FreedomPop service. When I review my FreedomPop account ( > My Account > Devices) it still displays my old, non-functioning iPhone 5.

Please advise a solution so that I have FreedomPop service on my new, functioning iPhone 5 and that the old, non-functioning iPhone 5 which is currently activated and listed on my account is replaced with the working device.


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    We get this one a lot actually :)

    To replace the IMEI of the device into our database, simply call (888) 369-7476 (technical support) and then you should be connected quickly and get the replacement done. If you have a new sim card let them update that too.

    Then dial ##CLEAR# and then ##UPDATE# in your native dialer and you should be good to go :)
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    @Ali Awesome - thanks for the quick assistance!

    Just spoke with Bianca/Technical Support and by the time I finished explaining my issue to her, the department I needed to speak with in order to get my IMEI/MEID inserted into FP's database was closed (8:04pm PST). So she advised me to call back tomorrow.

    Hopefully my issue will be resolved then & I'll have FP service. I'll update my post with the results.

    So far I am quite pleased with FP because my interactions here, on the forum, and with support have all been pleasant, prompt & professional.
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    @RainyNW Glad you find FreedomPop awesome :)

    Hopefully you will be up and running in no time! And if you need any more help with anything, feel free to PM me anytime :D
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    @Ali here's an UPDATE 11/27/2014

    I still no cellular service on my iPhone 5.

    I called and spoke with Louis who then forwarded me onto Rem.

    I explained the problem to Rem and gave him my iPhone 5's IMEI & ICCID #s. He looked up the IMEI and said that FP doesn't recognize it as Sprint device because it's not in their database.

    What??? That doesn't make any sense to me. The iPhone 5 I have now is a new AppleCare+ Warranty refurbished replacement. I received this replacement for the old, non-functioning iPhone 5 that was formerly on Sprint's network. This non-functioning iPhone 5 was surrendered to an Apple employee in an Apple retail store.

    The new refurbished replacement wasn't activated on Sprint because I am not a Sprint customer - I am a FreedomPop customer.

    Rem's suggestion was to contact Sprint or Apple to verify it is a device from Sprint. Huh? I am not a Sprint customer and why would the replacement I have now be in Sprint's database?

    I went to the follwing websites and entered my iPhone 5's IMEI/MEID numbers and received the following results: (note RingPlus, ting, and idealmobile only allow and support Sprint devices on their respective networks)

    - Blacklisted: Not Indicated. This device does not appear to be globally blacklisted.
    - Activation Status: Clear (Sprint / MVNO). Device appears to be activation ready.
    - Apple: This is a valid Apple serial number.

    * Congratulations, your device
    - (Apple, Inc EXCH IPHONE 5 BLACK 16GB EXIP516BL1) can work on RingPlus!

    * Your device can come to Ting!

    * Congratulation your ESN number is valid.
    - ManufacturerName: APPLE, INC
    - ModelNumber: EXIP516BL1
    - ModelName: EXCH IPHONE 5 BLACK 16GB
    - SerialType: E

    After getting these results, I'm pretty sure the iPhone 5 refurbished replacement I have is a Sprint device.

    After speaking with him, for over 20 minutes, Rem was unable get cellular service for my phone. Instead he created a Dev ticket to address the issue. He said I should receive an e-mail from the FP Dev team within 24 - 48 hours.

    I'll post another update when I (hopefully) receive that e-mail. :-w
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    @RainyNW If BYODing it works, call them and get your "phones switched" and then cancel the "new" account and ask for a refund for the activation fee, works every time :)
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