No signal for my Freedom Hub - did not know it was Wimax 4G - no Wimax in my area

@FreedomPop, Is my assumption correct that I cannot get a signal because there is not Wimax in my area? The coverage map shows my area as very green on the map within the 4G LTE area. My area does indeed have 4G LTE..... however, this hub has refused to receive any signal at all... inside, outside, does not matter.

I'm thinking I just need to request an RMA and get the return expedited on this as quickly as possible. I called the 888.743.8107, but after being on hold for 30 minutes, I gave up. I really just want my money back if the device cannot perform in my area. Any suggestions? I live in a rural area.... thought it was too good to be true, and it was.

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    Ahh, so you've figured it out. To verify for sure there is none in your town, check the sprint map. Choose data ( not voice ) and Deselect everything but WiMAX. Scale - until see 10-30 miles from center of your home. Any purple blotches show anywhere ?
    I know for a hub, if not at home, is pretty useless.

    PS. There are NO hubs that use LTE. So refurbished will be loooong time coming.
    There are two hotspots that support LTE for freedompop.
    Phones are like half a dozen that do LTE.
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  • murphle1965murphle1965 Posts: 0FreedomPop Newbie
    Yeah, bummer - there's nothing in my area that is purple.... it's actually very far away in Milwaukee and Chicago. Tough to figure this out after ordering and having it shipped.

    So what do I do now, call 1-888-743-8107? Is that the only way to do an RMA? I was on hold forever yesterday and gave up. Thank you for responding, by the way.
  • hey there @murphle1965‌ i will PM you regarding this issue!
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    @LolaBee please email me about this because I looked on the Sprint map and my area is all WIMAX. I just ordered FP service yesterday so I will try to call sales and get the order canceled. It would have been nice to know this when I ordered - why would sales advise me to get the hub when the Sprint map clearly shows the hub won't work in my area?
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