arbitrary plan period reset, aggravated by My Usage freezeup

Tom RocheTom Roche Posts: 4FreedomPop Newbie
Normally my billing period (aka "plan period") changes at 3am on the 29th of the month: it has done this since I started using the service. (I can see why changing on the 29th could be a problem in February, and have always been surprised that they set it up that way, but they did.) Hence my plan period for December was 29 Nov-29 Dec, and my plan period for January was 29 Dec-29 Jan, and periods changed at 3am.

This year (2015) February had 28 days. When I saw that I had over 1 GB remaining on 27 Feb, I decided to stream some video that evening, assuming the plan period would change @ 3am 28 Feb. Very late that evening I wanted to check on my data usage, so went to "My Usage" (aka ) to check it.

First problem was, stopped reporting "Transactions" after 7:15pm. This persisted over the weekend and Monday (2 Mar 2015), so I could not check data usage during that time.

Today (T 3 Mar 2015) is working again, but I see that, instead of changing plan period @ 3am 28 Feb, FreedomPop appears to have reset my plan period at 7pm 27 Feb! So

- instead of consuming unused data on the old plan period, my streaming used data on the new plan period

- my plan period for February was 3am 29 Jan-7:15pm 27 Feb

- my plan period for March is 7:15pm 27 Feb til sometime 29 Mar. When will my plan period rollover in March? Who knows? I certainly can't find out on any FreedomPop webpage.

This makes no sense, and is *very* annoying. It's just one more way in which FreedomPop's service seems arbitrary and opaque. I realize it's a discount service, but so is TracFone (which I also use) and IMHO, TracFone is waaay more stable, better documented, and easier to understand. (And their forum works better, too!)


  • Ali Ali Posts: 6,705FreedomPop Master, Test Role, iOS Master ✭✭✭✭✭
    @Tom Roche Unfortunately due to the abnormality in February, your plan reset on a different day then usual. How much data did you end up using? Depending on the amount you can receive some more to compensate.
  • Tom RocheTom Roche Posts: 4FreedomPop Newbie
    Apologies for the delay in responding. Among the many things not to like about Vanilla as a forum platform (as opposed to, e.g., phpBB or vBulletin) is that it does not provide email notification.

    @Ali March 5: 'Unfortunately due to the abnormality in February, your plan reset on a different day then usual.'

    Not to be rude, but ... duh! You may note that I discussed this in my original post (above). Furthermore your response does not answer several questions from my original post:

    1. At what *time* will my plan period rollover in March? As noted above, my usual rollover time was 3am, but FreedomPop changed that to 7pm for February. I know from the website that my rollover *date* for March is March 29, but there is (AFAICS) no way to discover the rollover *time*.

    2. Why change the rollover *time*, anyway? As noted, I can understand that the rollover *date* might need to change for February, but every *day* in February still has the same number of hours.

    3. Why not change my rollover date from the 29th to the 28th? That would have 2 advantages:

    3.1. You/FreedomPop and I would not need to do this ever again.

    3.2. Instead of spreading my 10 GB over 31 days (my current plan period is Feb 27-Mar 29) I would only need to spread over 30 days.

    @Ali March 5: 'How much data did you end up using? Depending on the amount you can receive some more to compensate.'

    I would very much appreciate compensation--it seems like the least FreedomPop can do! Note that, from the website, between 7:15pm 27 Feb and 3am 28 Feb, I used 947 MB.

    One more thing: doing queries like the above with the website is a real pain in the @ss! One cannot query on a period begin and end date: instead, one must hit the link to "See more Transactions", and then rescroll to the bottom of the page, over and over (I had to hit that 36 times!) until one reaches the desired date/time. This is *just plain bad* web UX (user experience design).
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