Audio Quality

RRingmasterRRingmaster Posts: 4FreedomPop Newbie
I just received a replacement Viper because nobody could understand me due to choppy sound quality. This one is the same. Are all Vipers that you send out scrap or am I just having a bad run of luck?


  • Bryan HendrixBryan Hendrix Posts: 9FreedomPop Newbie
    The one that I have has choppy audio. I also have shared my 75% working device here on other areas of the forum. The admin/customer service folks are either: bombarded by all forms of equipment not working 100% and are behind the 8 ball playing catch-up --or-- the people tinkering with the firmware/software/apps are stuck with creating miracles with his/her limited knowledge of V.O.I.P. Could be I'm totally wrong, yet, how about they just admit on the main web page that the FreedomPop system is in Beta. All customers own equipment connecting to a work in progress Beta test system. Hey, how about no charge until everything works 100 %
    Matter of fact, they don't charge for limited use, and who's gonna use the Viper any more than they give free when it's this bad? Don't depend on FP as your sole telephone provider until they get it to work better than this.
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