Mom's new phone - out of state

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Just checking.....

I'm planning on getting my mom (very old) a new phone and setting up for Freedompop.

We live in different states and just want to make sure if I set up here in my state and
then ship her the phone in other state that she will just be able to turn on and start

She has full coverage where she lives.

Phone should work as normal anywhere there's coverage correct?


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    You can select a number when you order, at least with BYOD phones. I have not done that lately but I think you select the area code first.
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    If you're going to open it up add credit card and manage it and pay bills from your end, all will work peachy keen.
    Did you say that the data phone signal was strong throughout the indoors of her residence location? If so, setting up near you and shipping to her ready to roll ought to work great. You can even do her address, name etc. Plus if she trusts you setup her credit card and CCV security code for her. You can verify that it works before shipping to her. She can then just turn it in and use it. Also manage CC charges if they might occur.
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    Thanks, that's what I thought was just checking. I'm paying for it etc. I'll get her set up and send phone and let her test for a while before porting her number over. I know for sure she is going to hate not having the ability to send pictures with text (mms) I'll install whatsapp and she'll just have to get used to it. Hope mms comes along soon it's the only negative I've had with Freedompop. Friends don't even understand when I tell them I can't text pics. They're like "Why not?"
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