Account was deactivated, now what?

Brent SpearBrent Spear Posts: 1FreedomPop Newbie
I joined up with FP in 2013 and tried out the service for a year with the HTC EVO. I didn't use it much and I knew I paid for a year and near that 1yr anniversary I wanted to downgrade the service but my account wouldn't allow me. I tried for a while and 3 weeks before the renewal date my card was charged for another year. Service said my year start date was when the device was ordered and I showed them the FP email that said my service begins when the device is shipped. You refunded the payment but I was told you were unable to downgrade the plan - which is strange because I turned some friends onto FP and 2 of them were able to downgrade to the $5/month plan. Anyway, I was told they would have to deactivate the account since they couldn't downgrade my phone. So, we deactivated the account, I went elsewhere and now I picked up the Sams Club deal and want to try FP once again.
Before I turn on the S4 which just arrived today, will I have any issues attempting to register this phone to this account? I logged in and the only link that really does anything is the link to 'upgrade your plan.' As this will be a safety phone I will want to switch to the basic plan and then I can decide to upgrade if I am happy with FP once again.


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